When is the Right Time to Move to an Independent Senior Living Community?

The right time to move to an independent senior living community is different for everyone. At the very least, it will depend on age, health, finances, and current living situation—although many other details may impact the timing of your transition. The important thing to do when making this decision is to be honest with yourself about your needs and preferences when it comes to creating your retirement lifestyle. 

With our newly renovated independent senior living community in Corunna, Michigan, Fiddler’s Green is sharing some of the signs that it may be time to consider making the transition and the benefits that independent living can provide.

You Might Consider an Independent Living Community When…

You’re Ready to Enjoy Maintenance-Free Living

When you live in a private residence, you are responsible for the everyday upkeep. These tasks include everything from mowing the lawn and maintaining the landscaping to cleaning out the gutters, cleaning, and even repairing or replacing appliances when they break down.

In an independent living community, all of these home maintenance tasks are taken care of for you. You no longer have to worry about completing these tasks yourself or hiring someone else to do them for you. 

When it comes to your retirement years, you don’t want them weighed down with chores and unexpected costs. Fiddler’s Green’s all-inclusive independent senior living community in Corunna, Michigan, can help you enjoy your time by taking care of the hassle with all amenities, services, and features offered at one monthly rate. As a result, residents can consistently plan on one monthly expense while still having priority access to on-site conveniences and options within the community.

You’re Looking for Opportunities to Stay Physically Active

It is no secret that staying physically active plays a significant role in the healthy aging process. Fortunately, independent senior living communities make staying active easy and convenient. With many activities and events hosted within the community, residents can stay physically active without even leaving the campus.

You Want to Build New Connections

Socialization is another key part of healthy aging. Building and nurturing meaningful relationships helps to improve our overall well-being by keeping the brain active and engaged while lessening feelings of stress and anxiety. 

However, as we age, it can become more challenging to find ways to socialize and make new friends. Independent senior living makes it easier to make new friends and stay socially active. From mealtimes and spending time in the common areas to participating in community events, the community setting that independent senior living provides enables individuals to easily form meaningful friendships.

You Want Access to Resources & Newfound Freedom

It can be time-consuming and confusing to navigate the world of senior housing on your own. There are many senior living resources available, but many individuals do not know where to look to find them. At Fiddler’s Green, we help individuals discover and navigate these resources, allowing them to take advantage of all that they have earned.

If you want more time for yourself, more opportunities to enjoy life, and more freedom to do what you want, an independent living community may be right for you. With communities like Fiddler’s Green, you can enjoy a carefree independent life surrounded by support and companionship.

You Want to Say Good-Bye to Cooking

We live in a world of convenience. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can lead to making sacrifices in other areas. For example, many individuals choose convenience over proper nutrition when it comes to mealtimes. 

Nutrition is a vital aspect of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, so it is important to maintain a well-balanced diet. Independent senior living communities combine convenience and proper nutrition. At Fiddler’s Green, we provide our residents with three delicious and nutritious meals per day, helping them maintain a balanced diet without having to sacrifice convenience.

Discover Life at Fiddler’s Green

The right time to move into an independent senior living community is different for everyone. Check-in with yourself, consider your options and decide what style of living would help you live your life to the fullest. Contact our team today to learn more about what Fiddler’s Green has to offer.